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Not-for-Profit Organization

Tax preparation

The new IRS Form 990 that was released in 2009 is more complicated and requires much more disclosure from nonprofit organizations than on the previous version. Our experts can help ensure that your nonprofit business tax return is filed in a complete and accurate manner. In addition to preparing form 990, we can help nonprofits maintain their exempt status by explaining results from the various tests within the return such as public support tests and lobbying expenditures.

Financial Statement Compilation

The generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for nonprofits organizations have different requirement than 'for profit' business entities. These differences included revenue recognition concepts, functional expense disclosure, and net asset classifications. Our CPAs can ensure that your nonprofit organization's financial statements will be in accordance with GAAP and that users of the financial statements will be able to assess the services your organization provides and the ability of your organization to continue to provide those services.