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Payroll Service

Our fees are assessed at a low monthly rate based on payroll frequency, and number of employees and are often significantly lower than fees charged by the larger national payroll companies even though our service is more personalized. We do not charge hourly because we believe that when you hire a company to do your payroll, you should pay for results not simply for someone's time.

Small Size Business (1 to 5 employees): Starting at as low as $50/ month
Small to Medium size Business (6 to 50 employees): Starting at as low as $80/month
Medium to large Size Business (more than 50 employees): Starting at as low as $200/month

Our Payroll Service includes (with no additional charges):
  • Flexible paychecks delivery options including: You write checks, we write checks for you, or payroll is directly deposited into each employees' bank account
  • Direct payroll tax payments to IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue using EFTPS
  • Preparation of Quarterly & annual payroll tax reports and W-2's
* The above fees are estimates and negotiable. Please feel free to discuss them with us.