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Tax Preparation

In general, we charge a fixed price for each tax form and worksheet used in the preparation of your tax return, which means that our fees are based on the complexity and difficulty of the return and not an hourly rate. We do not charge hourly because we believe that when you hire a company to do your books, you should pay for results not simply for someone's time. We have a posted fee schedule readily available to the public at our office.

Individual and Family Tax Return

Simple Tax Returns: Wages, limited interest, dividends and non-itemized deductions. $50 to $100
Moderate Complexity: Itemized deductions and some complex issues such as stock trades, pension distributions, significant investment income, simple rental property, or simple self-employment situations. $100 to $300
Complex Returns:Complexities, such as complex or multiple rental properties, self-employment income and business, stock options exercised, starting at $300

Business Tax Returns

Simple Business Returns: $250 to $500
General and complex Business Returns: Starting at $500

Other Returns

Gift Tax Return: Starting at $100
Fiduciary Tax Returns: Starting at $300
Estate Tax Return: Starting at $300
Non-for-profit Tax Return: Starting at $500

* All tax preparations include initial consultation with client by phone or in person, delivery and follow-up reviews upon completion with no additional charge.

* The above fees are estimates and negotiable. Please feel free to discuss them with us.